Welcome to Old School Tavern

Forest Park's Craft Bar

Located off of the busy Madison Street bar corridor, Old School offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of modern life. A simple menu, serious Beer and Whiskey Menus and a cozy atmosphere guarantee a great experience. Whether dining with a group of friends or stopping in for an after work cocktail Old School offers what you deserve.

Old School Tavern was started by two next door neighbors, Peter Kryger and Ted Hosty. Over many a backyard beer they realized they shared the same vision, to own an old fashioned neighborhood gathering place. Their wives patiently listened to their years of planning the perfect place, never thinking that they would actually do it. However, the desire to open a real Tavern was strong in these two. When the right spot became available they put all of their plans to work.

When you come here you'll find that Old School Tavern is everything that you remember, even if it's your first time here.